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I Lobe the Secular World
by 2FAC

Two Form a Click (aka 2FAC) is the new project of DJ Snaffy (Slaylor Moon, The Courtneys, Shearing Pinx, etc) and Vymethoxy Redspiders (Guttersnipe, The Ephemeron Loop, To Live and Shave in LA, etc) that utilizes guitar, DJ controller, and voice to create a surrealistic zone of improvised autistic lesbian delirium. I Lobe the Secular World is four new pieces made up of dematerializing cyborg rhythms, alien abstractions, and the human voice exploded and reconstituted infinitely. 2FAC is based in the UK and France and operates as an open-door improvisational group, although the core duo of Miss VR and Snaffy is constant.

Recorded at the Ant Cave, Leeds UK in autumn 2022
Two Form a Click (2FAC) are DJ Snaffy and Wretchen
[email protected]

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